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The Coronet Bay Resort project, located at 92 Norsemans Road in the seaside township of Coronet Bay, will celebrate and enhance the site on which it resides both environmentally and culturally.

Aultun Group acknowledge the Bunurong people as the traditional owners of the land.  We strive to promote cultural and ecologically friendly tourism in the Bass Coast Area.

We value and seek to promote the cultural significance of the Indigenous heritage in the local area, we will achieve this by regenerating indigenous flora and fauna, educating visitors with regard to the sites cultural and environmental history and significance, whilst always being respectful and sensitive to local context.

The Coronet Bay Resort project will be a two-storey resort style hotel designed to sit comfortably within the natural landscape of Coronet Bay. 

The hotel will consist of facilities including:

  • A restaurant with seating capaicty of 300 pax
  • Function room with seating capacity of 500 pax
  • Car parking areas which provide a total of 320 spaces and 28 coach bus parking bays

There will be open space and upgraded facilities for the local community, including man made ponds and walkways to provide for ancillary activities.

Biodiversity of the area will be enhanced through native vegetation; there will be no trees impacted or removed.  

A community and visitors education program about Aboriginal cultural heritage and agricultural history of the area will exist within the site.

We aim to engage and support the local community throughout the construction and ongoing operations of the project.

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Will the development affect the shoreline?

The development has assessed the visual impact from the neighbours and streets that the building will sit at the low-lying lands with the new vegetation softening the interfaces. The well-vegetated landscaped garden near the shoreline will be opened for the public access by providing trail.

How will the development address the impacts on the community?

We endeavour to minimise the traffic impact by upgrading the road and providing a traffic management plan. The operation of the development will comply with any authority requirements of lighting and waste management. We will regularly review and discuss the arrangement including the tourist bus routes with the local community.

Will the development benefit the local community?

The utility infrastructure upgrades as required by authorities will be at the developer’s cost but benefit the area growth.

The development will also provide open space with facilities that deliver enjoyable shore activity area for the local community

What’s the cultural significance of the site?

The site is of high scientific significance and high Aboriginal cultural significance, comprising flaked stone artefacts and Aboriginal Ancestral remains dispersed throughout an old barrier dune. The development is required to provide a salvage program during the construction and consult Bunurong Land Council for the interpretation plan of the Aboriginal history of the area. The interpretation may include signage and storytelling boards throughout the landscaped garden and art installations in the foyer. The early 19th-century agricultural activity in the area will be also introduced for the understanding of how the historic landscape has been changed during the post-contact period.

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