Things To Do During Home Isolation

Things To Do During Home Isolation

Our current way of life has definitely changed over the past couple of months. The Corona Virus pandemic has caused a lot of us to self-isolate and become home bound to stop the spread.

This time is actually a really good opportunity to get to all those things you’ve been putting off around the house and to enjoy a slower pace. To get you through the home-isolation period we’ve come up with a list of things to do at home which are low cost projects and style buys that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, accomplished and renewed!


1. A gallery wall

Who doesn’t have mountains of photos at home and memories they’ve been wanting to showcase for a while? This is a great time for you to sift through all those memories and organize a montage of travel experiences, family and friends as well as those beautiful photography images you have stored away. It’s a great way to make use of a blank wall and add a bit of character to your home too!

2. Create an indoor garden

Whether it be real plants or fake ones, adding some greenery to your home can spice up what can seem like a dull area. Plants not only adds a sense of colour and appeal, it also makes the home feel more homely. If you have lots of small plants around the house, showcasing them in one zone can really add impact to your room.

3. Rearrange your shelving

What may seem like an overwhelming task is one that is actually very beneficial. And what better time than now, with little to no costing involved, is rearranging your shelves or adding some ornaments. Taking everything off your shelves, dusting and cleaning it, then putting everything back into a new configuration will create a new sense of energy and freshen up your home. Your everyday one-stop shop such as K-mart or Target have very cost effective decorative items and ornaments that will do the trick just fine!

4. Your living layout

Probably the easiest one of all is changing your living layouts. From your bedroom to your living room, rearranging the furniture and décor can really add a sense of renewed energy and freshness to your current living environment. If your space can only really accommodate for one layout, consider swapping pieces from room to room or even mixing up your current colours through your cushions, pillows, side tables, art and greenery. There are so many different things you can do here! You may even have it in you to paint a feature wall or add some colour to an area of your home that lacks a little love and attention!

5. Organise your wardrobe

There is something so satisfying about pulling everything out of your wardrobe, trying on those clothes you haven’t seen in months and giving your clothes a cull. Not only mentally cleansing, but giving you an incentive to do some online shopping, cleaning out your wardrobe allows you to re-organise it into neat sections. For tips and tricks to maximizing the most out of your space, shops such as IKEA offer many options to allow you to store what you can and neatly organize your wardrobe for the most efficient use.  

6. Mood board your home

If you’re the creative type and have always wanted to know what certain colours and items in your home will look like, creating a mood board filled with your most loved items is a great way for you plan out your next shop or room rearrangement. It is also a good way to access what you love and what you loathe, and can give you some ideas for better utilizing your space. What better time than now to get some ideas and plan what to purchase in the future.