Tips for Styling your Living Room

Tips for Styling your Living Room

The living room is an area that needs to cater for many people, passions and pursuits. Creating social and quiet spaces, areas to sit, relax and to enjoy company and entertain, the living room accommodates for it all.

There are many designs and concepts that can be implemented into the living room. Below find our list of tricks and tips for styling your living room and how to make it look phenomenal all year round. 


1. The sofa; everyone’s eye-catcher

The most important item in the living room is the sofa. This can make or break the space and often people choose a sofa that is too big or heavy. Choose one that’s profile fits comfortably within the space you have. You should allow for room around the sofa that is easily maneuverable for all, and also to give the illusion for extra added space within the room itself. Try to avoid a couch that is chunky, with thick arms and legs and a high back. This will almost instantly make the overall look and feel of your room seem a lot smaller than what it actually is.

Tip: When choosing a sofa make sure it doesn’t touch the ground. Choose one with thin legs and air flowing freely underneath. Metal or timber legs add an extra feature to the room!

2. The use of round ottomans; extra seating   

There is a lot to be said for an ottoman. Traditionally utilized only as a foot stool, they have become more apparent within modern homes and have also become very multi-functional. Nowadays ottomans are used for adding extra seating within the room and also double up as a smaller coffee table when needed with many styling benefits. A taller, upholstered ottoman that fits into the look and feel of the space can be very chic.  

Tip: Try an ottoman that diverges with the colouring of your sofa. Having a small feature in the living room also adds depth and contrast. As a feature, place a round tray on top and have your essentials such as a couple of glasses and a canister accompanied with a floral arrangement for extra added style!

3. Side tables; the new coffee tables

Coffee tables are not very small in size, in conjunction with the costs involved in getting one that’s stylish and contemporary, it can be expensive and even take over the room. Why not try a side table instead? Being lower in price and great for smaller areas, they not only look amazing but also give the illusion of more space in the room as there is less hard materials used. You will find more options with side tables and you can also create your own personal coffee table instead with many designs.

Tip: Nest two side tables together, one being higher than the other so the smaller one can tuck underneath. This allows for versatility in the room and can save on space. Don’t forget to also look at the height of your sofa, if it is smaller in height, a smaller coffee table would work better.    

4. Define the space; add in a rug

Defining the space of the living room is a good way to segment areas of the home, especially in an open plan layout. When decorating the room, try to incorporate a larger rug to fill in the space and provide coverage to the tiles or floor boards. A rug helps to ground all the pieces of the room together such as the sofa and side tables, and also provides a sense of warmth and comfort. A rectangular rug is recommended to maximize the overall space and give the illusion that the room extends beyond the size of the sofa.

Tip: Try to go for a rug that is lighter in colour but not stark white. A lighter rug also makes the room seem brighter and bigger than it is but also won’t dull down the space and make it seem smaller than what it is!

5. Try wall art or a mirror; it’s all about the balance

Already having pieces of furniture on the floor, you want to balance out the room with décor at eye level or above. Why not try a piece of art on the wall or a mirror? Both provide the room with a sense of balance and draws the eyes up to the walls and ceiling instead of just on the ground. We recommend the taller the better. This goes for wall art, mirrors and even your curtains! Placing a wall or ceiling light in the living room also does the same thing.

Tip: Choose a piece of art that is the focal point of your living room. For example, place above your sofa which will really add a feature to what is already eye-catching. Alternatively, place a mirror on an empty part of the wall which will reflect a lot of natural light. Not only will it add brightness to the space, but it will also draw attention to a part of the room that is often dull or neglected. 

6. Lighting; sets the mood

Lighting is really important when it comes to decorating any room in the home. For your living room however, there are so many moods you can create depending on the occasion. For example, for those warm cozy nights you want to spend relaxing at home, try lighting that is soft and dull. Lamps come in all different forms and styles nowadays. Floor lamps are becoming increasingly popular and also presents many benefits. Because it’s tall it will once again draw the attention upwards and because generally it sits on one leg it will save on floor space as well as free up your coffee and side tables.

Tip: Avoid a large lampshade for the floor as it can overtake your room and possibly even become a hazard. We recommend a lamp shade that has an exposed light bulb, it’s not only modern and sophisticated but won’t fade out of style!

7. Your entertainment unit; make your wall even more useful 

Anything you take off the floor will make your room not only much easier to clean but also make your room feel much larger. Mounting your TV onto the wall not only again draws attention upward within the room, it also looks better and avoids any hazards especially when kids are involved. The same goes for your entertainment unit, uplifting it from the floor will add a lot more versatility to the room and give that sense of depth. 

Tip: If mounting your TV unit on a wall isn’t an option, try a TV unit that is thin in the legs – like your sofa, so air can flow freely underneath. It will make a bold piece of furniture seem a lot lighter than what it is!