Styling Tips for your Bedroom

Styling Tips for your Bedroom

Styling your bedroom can be a real task! With so many options out there it can be hard to keep up-to-date with the latest trends combined with what’s practical and affordable.

We have compiled a list of our top tips and tricks in order for you to achieve a bedroom that is comfortable, modern and stylish.

 1. Your Colour Scheme

Any room can look appealing, however to make it yours, it’s all about the colour scheme you wish to incorporate. If the room has depth to it, items that are cheaper, won’t seem as cheap. Although an all-white room can keep your canvas easy going and aesthetically pleasing, it can also make your room look less expensive than it would if a little colour was involved.

Tip: Wall paper also allows for depth and contrast in your room and can impact the overall look and feel of the space. Have fun and experiment, but remember don’t overdo it!

2. Your Bed Frame  

Bed frames are one of the more expensive items in the bedroom. They have a strong impact and are the focal point of the room so it is important to get them right. Remember to explore your options when it comes to bed frame designs and expenditure. Your ‘bigger bedroom brands’ doesn’t necessarily mean better quality bed frames. Online based companies such as Temple & Webster have many designs, textures and materials that suit different budget ranges. Remember to do your research! You can get savvy with your styling, and no one will know if it was an inexpensive or an exclusive purchase.

3. Side Tables as Bed Side Tables

If you look at the bedside tables sections at home depo stores, you will notice that they are more expensive and bulkier in size which can crowd the overall look and feel of your bedroom. Try looking at ‘side tables’ instead. Being lower in price and great for smaller areas, they not only look amazing but also give the illusion of more space in the room as there is less hard materials used. You will find more options with side tables, instead of the generic square bedside table with drawers – which only usually holds junk anyway!

4. Lighting - don't over spend!

Some lighting can be really affordable, and when considering how much you want to spend on your bedroom and all the décor that comes with it, cheaper lighting can be phenomenal. If you choose pendant lights of course you will most likely end up spending a bit more due to installation costs. However, remember that your everyday one-stop shops like K-mart or Target provide the affordable, stylish and convenience of lighting that won’t break your bank account.

5. Bed Sheets - watch your thread count!

There is a natural urge to want to purchase bed sheets with a high thread count which in turns means that it’s better quality and fit. True…but not always right. Bed sheets that feel good on your skin and look the way you want are just fine! It is completely up to you if you wish to purchase a lower thread count - which still looks and feels amazing and saves your bank account, or if you want to splurge and purchase those bamboo and linen materials. The choice is yours!

Tip: for your guest room, the cheaper option bed sheets with lower thread count is a cost-effective choice. Why spend loads of money on an expensive high thread count bed sheet that only gets used a couple times a year?!

6. Your Piece of Art

Lastly, wall art can make or break a room – and your budget! Because every room needs a focal point and wow moment, art can be a great way of providing this and adding a bit of character to your room. Instead of paying loads on a Picasso artwork, what about enlarging a photo you’ve taken and placing it onto a canvas and hanging it above your bed? Personal and practical, it will be a piece you’ll love and it’s affordable, yet still provides that wow factor.