Up-coming Trends 2020

Up-coming Trends 2020

Interior trends in 2019 saw us embracing the cosmos, more scalloped edges, nude colours, concrete bathrooms, factory style taps, crittall doors, textured tiles and art deco influences.


The biggest of them all however, was home décor. Returning to vintage style like items, handmade and bespoke items, steering away from the mass produced and instead embracing the minimalistic, special, unique pieces with a story.  

Transitioning into 2020 we will see a movement of these aspects continue into homes, with bold shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and buttery tan, gorgeous tactile textures such as bouclé, and furniture and accessories echoing simplistic, nature and organic forms.

The most influential interior trends of 2020 promise to bring mellow warmth to our homes, with strong organic vibes that are simple, natural forms offering a luxurious yet inviting retro look and is easy to interpret!



Some living rooms can look flat and uninviting. This is where texture comes in, and 2020 we see a strong focus on bouclé. It started within the fashion industry and is now firmly fixed as a staple texture for a warm and inviting home. The looped yarns, often in several subtle shades, create a raised curled quality that gives a sophisticated but cozy feel. Smart stitching detail will bring pattern and interest to decorative finishes on sofa arms, footstools and cushions.

Natural Light

Natural light has many benefits and can greatly impact the overall appeal of the room bringing a warm inviting look, as well as an abundance of space to what can seem like a small or dark space. Sky lights have become very popular in homes also within the past few years as many want to recreate what can seem like an old outdated space. Spend some time watching how the light falls in various points across the room. This will not only affect how you see colours, but help you decide how to divide up the space for various activities.

Colour Coding

Devising an entire new colour scheme can be dizzying, but a colour wheel will show you how various shades complement and enhance each other. It’s good to narrow down your choice to no more than three; a main hue, which may be reflected in your upholstery, a contrast and a highlight. Muted pink, baby blue and neo-mint green are tipped as on-trend accents for 2020.

And here’s a tip from professional interior designers; if you’re stuck, look out for art, ornaments and fabrics with a colour combination that pleases your eye and use them as inspiration. When you have your colour ideas together, try and test it out on pots, on walls and paintwork. If you’re thinking of a serious investment, perhaps in a sofa or armchairs, and a great trick is to drape a suitable coloured throw to see how your new tones work.

Organic Beauty

It’s going to be all about keeping a strong connection with the natural world via our interiors in 2020, and to this we say ‘yes!’ Natural materials and organic forms are already well and truly entrenched in our interiors and we can look forward to more of this next year and beyond. Rattan, linen, jute, timber and artisanal décor items that are perfectly imperfect go a long way to giving your space a personal touch. This is a look you can embrace wholeheartedly or via a few strategically placed handmade treasures on a bookshelf.

Accents – keep them the focus!

Dark ebony, walnut trims and furniture accents in steely grey will bring a defined edge to interiors in 2020, so you may have to be disciplined about what you keep and let go. A cluttered space doesn’t evoke calmness, so a good idea is to take out all items; cushions, throws, planters, vases and light fittings, then carefully sort through them, choosing only items that will enhance your new look. The remainder can be stored for future use or even donated to charity.

That Sociable Space

If you have room, it’s great to incorporate two sofas to make a living room feel sociable and friendly, and 2020’s luxurious, richly textured fabrics; leather, velvet and suede, provide endless possibilities. If you’re mixing two different styles or sizes, consider your scales. For a welcoming cozy environment in a larger room, think about zoning. Place sofas close enough together to create an area that’s clearly designated for gathering around rather than having them too spaced out or floating at the edges. Another great way to create a sociable vibe in a limited area is to pair one sofa with a chair and a footstool that doubles as a coffee table or additional seat. This offers flexibility and functionality without compromising floor space.