Color Trends for 2019

Color Trends for 2019

Color produces different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light. It can represent so much  as a form of communication that is immediate and strong.

With just a glance, color can soothe or distract the eye and that’s why across the world so many are pushing the boundaries creating new and exciting ways of color visualization.

The color trends of 2019 are taking a more mindful, lifestyle-based approach to the development of new shades compared to previous years. Using color to transform a space has always been advocated and it can create a real difference in your home.

If you’re looking to refresh your home by indulging in new hues, check out the top 2019 color trends you may like to use in your home! 


1. Soft Terracotta’s

The muddy warm tones such as clay, terracotta, and auburn have been a surprise in the color trend. The elemental, nature-inspired hue with a contemporary twist within spaces brings warmth and depth whilst feeling earthly and organic. The color palette itself creates a laid back cozy setting that is effortless and easy, whilst providing a sense of a design element. The terracotta tones in the form of a throw over rug, a statement chair, coffee table, bedding or even a simplistic array of vases or bowls, present a visually stimulating space that rather feels cool, calm and relaxing. Mixing materials in this trend such as ceramics and wood, gives a great sense of balance and explores the harder elements mixed with the soft.

2. Mellow Mustard’s

The crisp white walls and interiors are definitely not a thing of the past. In fact, paired with a bright bold color such as mustard, can elevate the space creating a relaxing environment with that little burst of brightness, stimulating not just for the space but for the mind too. Allowing for high contrast patterns and statements, mustard is a great way to add a pop of color to your décor. Being wonderfully warm in the summer, yet cozy and comforting in the cooler months; yellows are perfect for those who appreciate sophisticated colour. From feature walls to soft furnishings, mustard works well with both light and darker colors. Mixing with colors such as whites, greys and blacks can balance it out making it more aesthetically appealing, giving a sense of poise between optimism, depth and stillness.

3. Sage to Deep Teal

Sage green is a fast up and coming trend and predicted to be quite considerable this year. We’ve already seen homewares released in this color- from bedding, cushions & throw overs to decorative ornaments & feature pieces. The different tones of green across diverse schemes give the space a level of calmness, consistency and quiet confidence. It can also vary the sense within a space, linking to nature and the great outdoors to an element of design within the home. A lighter green is far daintier and airier, whilst a darker green is bold, brave and romantic. It is worth knowing that before you adopt either color they will change the feel of your room dramatically. Adding some black, charcoal grey, marble or gold releases a dream luxe-looking interior that notably enlarges the area.

4. Blue Mixed with White Tones

Being such an easy color to work with and one that is instantly calming, blue mixed with a white color palette, represents everything we love about Australia; combining coastal living and design. Pairing bold blue, with white and gold gives the room an absolute luxe vibe. White is also as present as ever within homes as a pure, timeless and clean color. Combined with blue tones it glamorizes any room or space within the home playing against the patterns and accessories alike. The shade of blue you opt for is dependent on what mood you wish to set. The lighter blues represents a calmer and softer scheme, whilst a darker blue can be depicted as a bolder warmer color. Lastly, look to light grey tones to complement. Layering light grey against a deep blue backdrop can work wonders and gives a sense of serenity.  

5. Dusty Blush

Millennial pink is a color of the very recent past. Now, softer shades like rosy neutrals and muted blushes are being favored. More timeless in color and less stark to the eye, these colors present a tranquil yet optimistic aesthetic with luxurious appeal. To keep the look refined and sophisticated pair with softer mono tones such as white and grey alongside gold embellishments with a pop of greenery. The color scheme itself is efficient for all spaces and will enlarge any room size as a neutral tone. The lighter pink being more commonly associated with spring and summer alike, has also taken on a warmth ambiance to the interior for autumn and winter giving a year round fresh look. What is most generally loved with the blush tones is the interest it provides to walls and accessories without overwhelming the space with contrast.


6. The New Monochrome – Black and White          

The always timeless and sophisticated color palette of black and white. It has endless possibilities from subdued to statement making. Contrasting black and white is always the most effective way to add a sense of impact to a space that is classical, the only trick is to vary the proportions. A black and white color palette is a go-to for most homemakers and offers subtle nuances that adapt to different lighting, furniture and surrounding colors. For those who crave a minimalistic palette that still feels dynamic, the black and white tones are never failing. With re-inventions of this trend, it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether in stripes, herringbone, checks or spots, this style remains sharp and elegant. A wall that is completely black takes courage, but the impact is tremendous. Whether in the bathroom or living area, a black wall gives the room a stunning elegance, whilst a white wall creates exciting effects. When black and white are used together, they structure a space with contrasting finishes both decoratively and functionally.