Styling your Dining Table

Styling your Dining Table

The dining room over the years has changed from a traditional formal area, to the modern-living take of becoming more prevalent within the open plan living style.

Nowadays in most homes, the dining table is the centre piece for entertainment, conversation and celebrations. Elevating the status of the home, it merges comfort and beauty to create a space where people linger.

The dining table itself has become a creative facet in which trends of classic, modern and personal elements provide a unique place to eat, drink, relax and socialise. 

If you are looking for inspiration for your dining table, check out the styles below to see which one suits your personality and style!  


1. Plants, Flowers or Fruit

 A natural and colourful way to inject life and love onto your table. The beauty of styling your table with these elements, is that you can constantly rotate them in and out depending on what’s in season. They are also perfect at reflecting inside and outside tones and adding a sense of freshness. When it comes to plants, the bolder the colour and the more oversized the better, but always consider the size of your table

2. Vessels of Every Kind

Whether it be glass, metal, ceramic or wood, they are perfect for grouping together in the centre of the dining table. Arranging an odd number of vessels in different shapes and sizes is a simple yet effective way of styling, making it more aesthetically appealing to the eye. Ensure the material of each vessel is the same which will present a cohesive collected look! Adding some candles or greenery can also add a sense of life.

3. Dining Vignette

If you use your dining table regularly and you don’t want the hassle of constantly clearing décor, then creating a central dining vignette is a perfect idea! Place your essentials such as salt, pepper, sugar and napkins onto a cute vignette styled to your personal touches. Add some textural coasters, placemats, or a small plant in a vase. Layering on marble or a wooden board adds a sense of contrast. This will save you time every day and create an exquisite feature display.   

4. Table Décor

Another way to elevate your dining table is through table décor and setting it up ready for a meal. Whether it be casual or formal, a fully set table adds sense of elegance and can coincide with different occasions depending on the colour palette or theme you wish to present.  Plates, napkins and cutlery portray a sense of style and works well when created in contrast without overwhelming the table. Mix patterns and prints, bold and bright colours to create a chic look and a playful design element! Different shapes and sizes of glassware can also change the mood of the dining setting.  

5. Feature Pendant

Sometimes it’s not about what is on top of the dining table, rather what is above it. A feature pendant has so much in terms of styling potential. It is a great way to utilise your dining table to create a beautiful statement piece in your dining space. With the trend being so strong at the present, why not! Remember to work with the shape and scale of your dining table and keep it cohesive with the existing interior. If you’re still wanting to style your dining table, scale down your table décor to coincide with the dining space, keeping it subdue in design.