Blog / How to Maximise the Space in Your Apartment

Blog / How to Maximise the Space in Your Apartment

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6 Clever tips to creating functional, open & bright living spaces in your apartment

1. Carefully select your furniture

Your choice in furniture can vastly impact the look and feel of your home. Selecting pieces that hug the walls like corner sofas can really open up the space, making the room more open and livable. Adding a suitably-sized coffee table and fresh rug tucked inside the couches nook will finish the space, adding both style and functionality. Select furniture that sits on legs so it sits elevated from the floor, around 10cm is ideal according to Fiona Joy from Inside Out magazine.

2. Strategic use of mirrors

When placed carefully, mirrors are a perfect way to make a room look generous in size, amplifying light and expanding walls. Tall mirrors work well to draw the eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spacious.

Hint: Place your mirror next to or across from the rooms main light source; the reflection of the real window will maximize the effect of natural light and outdoor views. 

3. The addition of 'floating' shelves

Reduce the bulkiness of chests and bookcases by installing wall-hung floating shelves as a simple storage solution. They're both easy to install and aesthetically appealing when styled well, add books, stylish decor items and a touch of greenery to finish the look. 

Hint: make sure that you do have other storage solutions available as too much open shelving can make quickly cause your space to look cluttered and messy. Stick to key pieces on display and tuck unnecessary items away in other cupboards or in boxes under the bed.

4. Choose light, bright colours

It's a well-known fact that lighter, pale shades make a room feel bigger and brighter, as light coloured walls are reflective and maximise the effects of natural light. Ensuring that your floor and walls are in the same tones will help you to balance the space, while also keeping bulkier furniture items in neutral colours to compliment the room. You can always add darker elements through your decor pieces to showcase your individual style.

Tip: Make sure that you have selected warm lighting rather than white lighting, white light has a colder feel. The warmer your space feels the bigger and brighter it will appear to be. 

5. Add a touch of metallic

Metallic pieces have a similar effect to mirrors, they reflect the light causing it to bounce around the room making it appear brighter. If you don't have much in the way of decorative pieces, touches of metallic fixtures and fittings l can be the perfect way to achieve modern styling without going over the top on unnecessary Knick knacks.   

6. Be clever with your curtains

Hanging your curtain rod a few cm below the ceiling and letting them fall all the way to the floor will create a beautiful cascading waterfall effect, drawing the eye upwards and giving the illusion of height.  

Tip: Match your curtains to your wall colours to prevent heavy colour contrasting.